We can add any kind of doser for granulated, powder and liquid products. We have two stations for filling.

Automatic horizontal machine from reel. Its film gets fold in “V” shape and in intermittent cycles the machine forms, fills, and seals the sachet by means of sealing jaws.
The sachets are transported by intermittent moves. At the end of the process the sachets can be cut unitarily by means of cutting knives acting like scissors. Then sachets can be counted, grouped and put into carton boxes.

Technical Data (Duplex version)

Mechanical production 220 spm
Measures (min/max) 35+35×35 mm/ 65+65×130 mm mm
Volume 1 a 20 cc
Consumption 3 Kw
Reel Measures Max Ø 450 mm.
Core Ø 70-75 cm.
Width film 260 mm