Roure Tectosa was created in 1948 by Mr. Jaime Roure Bou under the name Roure

At the begining the company was dedicated to the manufacturing of roaster machinery for coffee, cocoa and dried fruits (almonds, pistachios,…). The first one in Spain to make roaster with rotary and drilled drum and convection roasting.

Then the company started to expand all kind of accesories for coffee process lines and dried fruits. Nowadays the 80% of spanish coffe roasters have a Roure’s roaster.

When the company realized that all the process lines finished in packaging lines, at 60’s the company grew to embrace all kind of packaging lines becoming a leading company in Spain of packaging machinery of flexible material from reel.

From then until today and through the second generation of the family, we continue our i+d in new models with new improvements and high technology

The company’s philosophy is the good customer care service and for this reason we continue giving technogical help with spare parts to machinery with more of 40 years of existence. This good position in the market influences us to work more and better everyday.

Our worldwide sales network has guaranteed access to all kinds of customers around the world exporting to over 30 countries and have our major customers and prospects in Europe, Central America, South America and North Africa. Through this branch network and sales, we can take care of all the requirements of our clients anywhere in the world.

The estimates that we have nowadays are able to transfer the last generation technology in our machinery, giving to our customers maximum flexibility and adaptation in our solutions of their projects.